Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders


John Ferraro

John A. Ferraro

Carolyn Doughty-Margaret Kemp Professor
Chairperson, Department of Hearing and Speech
University of Kansas Medical Center

Co-Director, Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders
Associate Dean for Research, School of Health Professions

Phone: (913) 588-5937
FAX: (913) 588-5923

B.S., 1968, Southern Colorado State College
M.S., 1970, University of Denver
Ph.D., 1972, University of Denver
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 1972-1974, Northwestern University

Director, Auditory Evoked Potential Laboratory


Dr. Ferraro's research interests are in the areas of auditory electrophysiology and the clinical applications of auditory evoked potentials (AEPs). He has numerous publications and presentations related to the use of the "early" AEPs in the diagnosis, assessment and management of otological/ neuro-otological disorders. The development and refinement of non-invasive electrocochleographic approaches to help diagnose and monitor Meniere's disease/endolymphatic hydrops has been the focus of recent research. In addition, Dr. has raised over $1,000,000 to help support the Hearing and Speech Department’s Hartley Family Center for Childhood Hearing, and recently submitted a proposal to the University Endowment Association that resulted in a $500,000 gift to establish the Marjean Werries Graduate Fellowship in Audiology.

Selected Publications


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Book Chapters:

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