Learning and Communication in Children with Autism Certificate

This is an opportunity to gain formal recognition for completing courses and experiences specifically focused on learning and communication in children with autism. Completion of the certificate will be noted on student’s transcripts.

Complete the following required courses:

  • SPLH 430 Undergraduate Seminar in Communication in Autism
  • ABSC 350 The Behavior Treatment of Children with Autism

Complete 1 of the Following SPLH courses:

  • SPLH 261 Survey of Communication Disorders
  • SPLH 566 Language Development
  • SPLH 497 Mentored Research Experience
  • SPLH 498 Departmental Honors Research

Complete 1 of the following hands-on experiences:

  • ABSC 680 Practicum in Advanced Laboratory in the Development of Behavioral Treatments for Children with Autism
  • SPLH 452 Examining Global Perspectives in Speech- Language-Hearing: Study Abroad in Peru

Questions about the Certificate?

  • Nancy Brady, SPLH nbrady@ku.edu

  • Claudia Dozier, ABSC cdozier@ku.edu

  • Pamela Neidert, ABSC pneidert@ku.edu