Give to SPLH

The Department of Speech-Language-Hearing is committed to staying a top-ranked program while growing and diversifying. Please help us in our commitment by giving to the SPLH program through one of our funds below.

Betty Bunce

Betty Bunce Multicultural Lecture Series funding was created in honor of retired faculty member Betty Bunce. The fund will allow us to bring a multicultural expert to KU each year to collaborate with our faculty and enhance student learning around speech-language-hearing services for the diverse clients we serve.


General SPLH Fund

The general SPLH fund allows donations to be used for any initiatives to assist the department and our students. Please help us keep our top-rated program growing and diversifying through one of our many funds


Jane Wegner Scholarship Fund

The Jane Wegner Scholarship Fund was created to honor retiring faculty member Jane Wegner. Jane Wegner directed the Schiefelbusch Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic at KU for 32 years. To honor her indelible contributions, we have established a scholarship fund to promote clinical education for SPLH students at KU.