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2024 Graduation/Recognition

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The Department of Hearing & Speech at KUMC, paired with the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing: Sciences and Disorders on the Lawrence campus, composes the Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders at KU. 

Instruction Video for ceremony


Here are the activities that many of our students attend and a link to photos you may purchase:

TheGradTeam: Official photographers of The University of Kansas  


  • Au.D. White Coat Ceremony, Friday, Event time:  3-4 PM, Regnier Hall, Edwards Campus. Invitation Only.  


Student Recognition Ceremony



  •  CLAS Distinction, Highest Distinction and Cording and Master’s Hooding   Ceremony

           Main Auditorium Lied Center, 1600 Stewart Drive, Lawrence

           785-864-2787 Get Directions

  • The Department of Speech-Language-Hearing: Sciences & Disorders and Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorder's Graduation Recognition Ceremony is planned for Saturday May 11, 2024..This recognition ceremony will take place from 1PM-3PM in the Auditorium at Budig Hall Room 120.


  • Student Instructions written.
  • SPLH/IPCD Department Ceremony

    May 11, 2024, Budig Hall Rm 120

    Arrival Time

    Arrive outside of Room 120 Budig Hall by 11:45-12:00pm – West Entrance closest to and that faces Wescoe.

    Dress Instructions

    All graduates should wear proper academic regalia. Please wear gowns to the venue for registration because photos will start immediately after registration at the check in table. Graduate students, bring your hood. You will leave square hats and programs in your seats for hooding and receiving scrolls.


    Any number of guests may attend and there are no tickets required. Please encourage your guests to avoid standing/sitting in the aisles to take picture as the professional photographer and graduates may be moving around in all the lower aisles. It is awkward if grads must dodge audience members. We have an area designated for mobility limited guests. Please email: in advance if you need to reserve seating for a guest.   

    Assembly Process/ Registration Table

  • You will receive a copy of the printed program and a name card at the registration table inside the lobby of Budig. You will fill out the name card at registration. On the backside of the card there is a place to write your name phonetically if it is not easily pronounced. You must keep this name card and hand it in to the faculty member standing at the podium next to the speaker, the speaker will read your name as you cross the stage. These cards are important because they are how the photographer assigns the photo proofs.
  • After filling out your name card, you can have an individually posed photo in front of the photographer’s backdrop in the alcove next to the registration table before going outside towards Wescoe Hall (weather permitting) where a photographer will take a group photo of all graduating students in regalia. Six student group photos will be taken (#1-Undergraduates, #2 MA-SLPs #3- AuDs #4- SLPDs #5- PhDs # 6 Faculty.) Brittney Tyler-Milholland, Sondra Murphy and other volunteers will be assisting each group.  
  • Make sure you have a program and go immediately to the signs marking your degree and line up and remain there.
  • Student line leaders and staff members will organize each column into order within their degree. All students should be lined up and ready for the processional 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony or at 12:45pm.
  • Processional line leaders will lead you from the assembly area at approximately 10 minutes prior to the beginning of ceremony and into the auditorium. Please take mental note of your row letter and seat number upon arrival at your seat. You will come back to the same seat after you receive your scroll. There will be guidance from staff.
  • You will be directed to assigned seating and will remain standing until the Associate Department Chair- Dr. Kris Pedersen asks you to be seated. Please remove your “square” cap at this time and leave it off for the remainder of the ceremony. It is difficult to hood you while you are wearing your “square cap”.
  • Line leaders will receive an additional email with instructions on their specific duties. Don’t worry it is just the students who lead their specific group of students nothing difficult.    
  • The undergraduates are the first group to receive their scrolls. You will be asked to stand by row and directed by a staff member that will guide you to the stage. You will give your name card to the faculty member on the right of the podium. The speaker, at the podium will then announce your name. You will walk to the faculty member at the table and receive your scroll with your left hand and shake hands with your right hand. Holding that pose and smiling towards the photographer: The photographer takes a photo. The next student is announced and continues. You will walk back on the outside of the seating section and return to your seat. (Where you were originally seated)

    Order of Ceremony

  • Processional
  • Welcome and introductions from the Associate Department Chair- Dr Kris Pedersen
  • Presentation of Individual Awards and Departmental Honors
  • Acknowledgement of Scholars & Departmental Student Groups
  • Student Speakers TBA 
  • Presentation of the Graduates by the Faculty
  • Baccalaureate
  • Master of Arts Speech-Language Pathology
  • Doctor of Audiology
  • Doctor of Speech- Language Pathology
  • Doctor of Philosophy Speech- Language Pathology
  • Doctor of Philosophy Audiology
  • Walk back to original seating after you receive your scroll.
  • Singing of the Alma Mater
  • Dismissal & Announcements 
  • Reception following on Wescoe Hall Patio. Clinic will be Open after refreshments for family & friends to tour.  
  • Length of Ceremony

    The length of each ceremony differs by the number of graduates attending and receiving diplomas. All graduating students are to remain in the auditorium for the duration of the ceremony.  



  • We will have QR codes with information at the registration check in table for ordering photos.

  • Please take the time to fill out the form online and register with the photographer. There will be multiple photo proofs of each graduate.   

  • Tips

  • You will be marching and standing a good part of the time; some of the aisles are at an incline therefore, low-heeled, comfortable dress shoes are recommended. Wearing appropriate clothing under you gown is also recommended, just think business casual or church. There are no secure areas to leave personal belongings, so it is recommended that jackets, purses, and other personal items be left with your guests.


    Please be respectful of others and please everyone silence all cell phones.

  • The Doctoral Hooding Ceremony celebrates the hundreds of graduate students every year who complete a doctoral degree at the University of Kansas. This year's graduating doctoral candidates come from all the professional schools, including the University of Kansas Medical Center, and from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Please go to the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony website to learn more about the event, including information on registration and tickets.   Allen Fieldhouse


Sunday, May 12:

   Commencement 2024

                   Walk Down the Hill

  • The University of Kansas Commencement Ceremonies are Sunday May 12, 2024, 10;30 AM.. You can participate if you are planning to graduate in Summer 2024 but your name will not appear in the university wide commencement book until the following year. Additional information on Commencement ceremonies and guest information can be found at the University of Kansas Commencement website.

Find parking and transit.

From 1 p.m. Friday to noon on Monday, parking in many lots and all garages is free. As well, any guest with a state-issued hangtag or license plate can use one of KU’s 450 disability parking stalls. To accommodate limited-mobility guests without such permits, accessible drop-off areas and parking are available on the east and west sides of Memorial Stadium via Fambrough Drive. Note: Tailgating is not allowed in any KU parking facility the weekend of Commencement.

A complimentary shuttle service begins at 8:30 a.m. Sunday and ends one hour after the Commencement ceremony. For wheelchair accessibility, request a paratransit vehicle from any bus driver.

Note: Vehicles are not permitted on Memorial Drive from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. the Sunday of Commencement.




Caps & gowns, tassels, hoods, rings, and announcements can be found at:

KU Bookstore 785-864-4640 or 1-800-458-1111

KU Med Center Bookstore 913-588-2548 or 1-800-262-7509

IPCD Regalia:


Announcements should read: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of General Studies in Liberal Arts and Sciences majoring in "Speech-Language-Hearing" / Master of Arts in "Speech-Language Pathology" / Doctor of Audiology / Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology / Doctor of Philosophy in "Audiology" or Doctor of Philosophy in "Speech-Language Pathology."

Regalia / Announcements

  •                  Edwards Grad Fair is tentatively March 29th.



Diplomas are now made available at the KU Visitor Center after they are printed. Diploma info. A generic scroll will be handed to the graduate as they cross the stage. 


Seniors expecting to graduate with Highest Distinction (top 3%) and with Distinction (top 10%) will only be noted in the KU Commencement Program Book.  They will be notified of eligibility via email.

Students in the University Honors Program may wear white honor cords previously given out.


No formal printed invitations will be mailed. Students will receive an email invitation to the Recognition Ceremony from the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing. If an email invitation is not received, and you are expecting to graduate, please contact

Additional Resources:

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