Pre-Requisite Course work

Students with undergraduate degrees in other fields (e.g., psychology, linguistics) typically need to complete undergraduate prerequisite coursework in communication sciences and disorders before applying and/or being admitted to a graduate program in speech-language pathology or audiology.

KU Pre-Requisite Course Work for the MA SLP Graduate Program

At least 26 credits in communication sciences and disorders is required, including the following (or similar) courses:

  • Physics of speech (4) SPLH 220
  • Principles of speech science (3) SPLH 462
  • Principles of hearing science (3) SPLH 463
  • Fundamentals of clinical phonetics (1) SPLH 465 (online 8 week course) 
  • Language sample analysis (1) SPLH 565 (online summer 2018)
  • Language development (3) SPLH 566  (online summer 2018)
  • Introduction to audiological assessment and rehabilitation (4) SPLH 568
  • Introduction to speech-language pathology (4) SPLH 571
  • Research methods in speech-language-hearing (3) SPLH 660

Before entering a graduate program

Students must also have completed at least 1 course in each of the following areas: 

  • Biological sciences, (i.e., biology, anatomy, physiology, genetics)
  • Physical sciences, (i.e., physics, chemistry)
  • Statistics
  • Social/behavioral sciences, (i.e., psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology)

Here is a course check sheet that can be used prior to a graduate application to check for pre-requisite course work for the MA SLP Graduate Program.  Schedule of Classes page to search current course offerings.

Prerequisite students generally follow the same advising protocol as BA/BGS students and also are able to take advantage of many of the same co-curricular learning opportunities as BA/BGS students. However, their plan of study will typically look different because prerequisite students are primarily taking SPLH courses and many choose to follow a part-time study plan.

Students interested in applying to the Au.D. Graduate Program should email for pre-requisite advising.